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Tips For Choosing a Suitable Guitar Strap

The importance of high-quality guitar straps is recognized by most people who have guitars. Because guitar straps do not affect the sound produced, some people think they can buy any strap they come across. However, finding a high-quality guitar strap is important if you want to feel comfortable when carrying your guitar on your shoulder. If you fail to take time to find the right guitar straps, you will buy straps that feel fine but don’t last long, feel annoying when place on the shoulder or straps that feel annoying when worn for wrong. By reading this article, you will gain knowledge that will help you avoid such experiences.

Before you start searching for guitar straps, you should first identify the kind of guitar you want to equip with new straps. Longer, more expensive and bulkier straps that can comfortably support the heavyweight of the instrument are the best fit for a bass guitar. The role played by guitar straps is as crucial as that of strings, chords, amps, and picks. When finding a strap that is right for you, there are four main factors to consider.

Length is the first thing you should consider when choosing. Guitar straps have a standard range length of between forty and sixty inches. Guitar straps of this length range are suitable for almost everyone. However, bass guitars need extra-long straps that are up to seventy inches long because they are exceptionally tall. When choosing guitar straps, you should also consider the width. Guitar straps have a typical width range of two inches on the thin side and up to four inches on the thickest side. It is advised you buy thick guitar straps if you are a bass guitar player or play the guitar for an extended period. Thick straps are less comfortable due to their bulkiness; hence you should avoid buying them if you play lighter guitars or for a short period.

When buying guitar straps, you should also consider the locking mechanism. Locking mechanisms most suitable for guitar straps are strap locks or clips locks. Most people prefer these locking mechanisms because they prevent the guitar from falling accidentally. If you use standard leather loops to connect to the guitar, there is a high likelihood of the guitar slipping off. The reasons why guitars locked using standard leather loops tend to slip off are the wear and tear of the strap end, the movement of the player when carrying the guitar, and the weight of the instrument. The material of the straps is the most important feature of all that you should not forget to consider. The main determinant of the performance, durability, comfort, and price of the strap is the material making the straps.

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